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Homeless Children, Youth and Families

Diane Nilan is an advocate, working to raise awareness of homelessness for children and teens.

In July 2005 Nilan created HEAR US, a nonprofit organization to give voice and visibility to homeless children, youth and families. In November 2005, having sold her house, car and most of her possessions, Nilan purchased an RV to set out on an extraordinary venture: to create a documentary featuring kids talking about their homelessness.

Diane Nilan’s unconventional approach takes her to places not typically thought of as experiencing homelessness: rural areas, resort communities, affluent cities and towns. She’s invited homeless children, teens, and parents to share their thoughts on video, highlighting the plight and dreams of the most invisible homeless population: young people and families.

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This lecture was organized and recorded by the SUNY Fredonia Teacher Education Club on Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2008 at 7pm in the Williams Center, SUNY Fredonia.