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"The Paperless University: Myth or Reality" -- panel discussion, 2-21-07

73:54 minutes (16.96 MB)
By Ken Fujiuchi, Michael Jabot, Ted Steinberg, Janet Mayer, 2007

Coordinated by Dawn Eckenrode, Kerrie Fergen Wilkes, Darryl Coleman and Elise Torre of Reed Library.

This panel discussion focuses on the effect changing technologies are having on the traditional landscape of higher education. The panel featured talented members of our campus community and the larger SUNY community, including: Educational Technologist, Janet Mayer; Professor Michael Jabot from the College of Education; Distinguished Teaching Professor Ted Steinberg, and Ken Fujiuchi, Emerging Technology Librarian at Buffalo State College. The panel discussion was moderated by Kerrie Fergen Wilkes.

Panelists, left to right: Ken Fujiuchi, Dr. Michael Jabot, Dr. Theodore Steinberg, Janet Mayer

Selected comments from the panelists:
"Today, I can read a 12th century manuscript, but I will have problems reading the brittle pages in the 19th century edition of the same book. What I can't read is the paper I typed on a Commodore 64."
-- Dr. Theodore Steinberg, Department of English

"During the fall semester, on our campus alone, 1.8 million sheets of paper went through [SUNY Fredonia] printers and copiers. The trees we used absorbed 10,000 pounds of CO2 in their lifetimes."
-- Dr. Michael Jabot, College of Education

"In Japan people read tech books almost exclusively online."
-- Janet Mayer, Educational Technologist

"The way we use books and paper will change. We will look for information differently."
-- Ken Fujiuchi, Emerging Technology Librarian, Buffalo State College  read more »

Lucille Clifton, Poetry Round Table, Rosch Hall 4-3-07

75:17 minutes (12.95 MB)
By Lucille Clifton, Shara McCallum, Natalie Gerber, Adrienne McCormick, and Aimee Nezhukumatathil, 2007

Poetry round table with Lucille Clifton, Shara McCallum, Natalie Gerber, Adrienne McCormick, and Aimee Nezhukumatathil, April 3, 2007, held in Rosch Recital Hall at SUNY Fredonia

Emmett Till and the Civil Rights Movement in America - a panel discussion

92:36 minutes (21.11 MB)
By Dr. Jonathan Chausovsky, Dr. Jennifer Hildebrand, and Dr. Saundra Liggins. Moderated by Dr. James Hurtgen, 2009

Panel Discussion: "Emmett Till and the Civil Rights Movement in America"

Dr. Jonathan Chausovsky, Assistant Professor of Political Science, specializing in American politics, Constitution Law, Civil Rights and Liberties.

Dr. Jennifer Hildebrand, Assistant Professor of History, specializing in American history and African-American history.

Dr. Saundra Liggins, Associate Professor of Engish and coordinator of the African-American Studies Concentration, specializing in African-American literature, Black women writers.

Panel Moderator:
Dr. James Hurtgen, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Political Science, specializing in political philosophy and American political thought.

Panelists (from left to right) Dr. Hildebrand, Dr. Liggins, Dr. Hurtgen, and Dr. Chausovsky. Photo by Roger Coda.

This panel discussion was held in the Japanese Garden room of Reed Library on the SUNY Fredonia campus on Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 7pm.

Audio engineering by Sean Flinn, recorded by Jonathan Woolson.