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Marcellus Shale - Are we full of gas?

31:56 minutes (7.29 MB)
By Dr. Gary Lash, 2008

Dr. Gary Lash, a professor in the Geosciences Dept. at SUNY Fredonia, gave a community lecture at Fredonia Place on the subject of the Marcellus shale formation. The Marcellus black shale is a geological unit that extends throughout the Appalachian Basin, from southwestern New York through much of Pennsylvania and parts of West Virginia, Maryland and Ohio. It is one of the hottest natural gas plays in North America, significant in the amount of the untapped natural gas, as well as its proximity towards the high demand market and pipeline infrastructure of the northeastern United States.

Dr. Lash was recently interviewed for CNN money and was a keynote scientist on the History Channel’s “Crude” documentary. He determined that more than 50 trillion cubic feet of natural gas may be contained in the Marcellus black shale, enough, according to Dr. Lash, “to give us two more years of cleaner burning hydro carbon and to enable us to explore energy alternatives.“ Dr. Lash discusses how the drilling for natural gas in the US first began in Fredonia, and the significance of Chautauqua County being the county with the most drilled wells in New York State and how this formation has made millionaires out of ordinary citizens overnight in other counties in the mid-state.

This public talk was given by Dr. Lash on Sept 30, 2008, at 6:30pm at Fredonia Place, 50 Howard St, Fredonia, NY.

A PDF of the slides for this presentation is available for download.